Hi, my name is Mitch Chambers
I'm a Software Developer.

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I am 30 years old and have been working in Networking for about 8 years now until recent opportunities presented themselves and I was able to dual role at my job as a Network Engineer and Software Engineer. What does that mean? Since the beginning of 2022, I have been working alongside a small team of Engineers learning how to program and write/debug code. My current role is to work as a Software Developer full time and when our company fields equipment, I will fly out with them as the Network Engineer.

Our tech stack that we use is Angular / TypeScript for FrontEnd, SpringBoot / Java for BackEnd, Relation Database / PostgreSQL, VPN is through Cisco AnyConnect, Web Server is hosted on using Apache Tomcat. My goals with software is to find my passion. My strongest language is C# using the .NET 6 framework. With that, I have made a few apps using WinForms, Console, WPF, and ASP MVC. My main goal is to get in to Game Develment with Unity2D or 3D. I have a huge passion for video games ranging from playing vanilla World of Warcraft to current expansion, up to playing Call of Duty as a semi-pro on a team. I have played other games and love all types of games which motivates me towards Game Development.

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2D Map Generator for Unity

Followed a guide on how to randomly generate a tile on a grid and expanded on that idea. With some Googling and other research, I was able to create a map generator using 2 tiles (Floor and Wall). This script will allow the floor to be randomly placed using Vector3 and then after a certain percentage of the floor is placed, the function to place the walls will run. Therfore providing you with a custom map. The grid being used has public variables so the tiles are easily swapped our and the grid size can easily be set. In this demo, the grid is 100 x 100.

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Endless Runner

Just a simple endless runner with random map generation and coin collection. Was still learning the basics when I created this.

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Project Title 2

If the project was collaborative, reflect it in this description, that will demonstrate communication and/or leadership skills. Additionally, if you made use of the mastery of a second language, it will reflect on you professionalism.

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